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Fynn the Intern


Hi everyone! My name is Fynn the Intern!

I just graduated from Elf School and as soon as Santa received Liquid Life’s request for a holiday helper he knew I was the right Elf for the job! Orange Beach, AL where it’s sunny and between 65 and 70 degrees in the winter? Not too shabby for my first assignment! I’ll be helping my friends at Liquid Life Vacation Rentals for an entire month. I’m so excited to share holiday joy with their team and everyone who visits them! 

I won’t just be helping them around the office, though. They are sending me out on location to spread Christmas cheer with the whole city. I can’t wait! It’ll be hard to spend a month away from my Elf friends and the reindeer but I’m certain I will make some great friends here at the beach! You can follow all of my adventures on Facebook and Instagram! 

Hope to see you around town! 



I think Santa is going to be really proud of me! I’ve already made it to the Liquid Life Team Page! Things are going to be just fine here in Orange Beach! 


Jingle Bells & Sea Shells!

Fynn the Intern 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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