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The Sea-N-Suds restaurant was established by Gerald King and two classmates in 1975 in an old bait shop on a pier in a small beach town called Gulf Shores. They started with a passion for fresh seafood & wanted to build a place people could come back to time after time and sit down with a cold drink, a plate of fresh oysters and chat about family memories or good times with old friends. In September 1979, the original Sea-N-Suds was completely destroyed by Hurricane Frederic. Today, the Sea-N-Sids restaurant stretches over the sugar-white sand and sits just a couple of feet away from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They offer true beach-front dining! Enjoy an Alabama sunset and listen to the waves crash to the shore on our outside deck. 

The city may have changed, but this restaurant has not. They are still serving up the same seafood using the same recipes they have for generations. Sea-N-Suds has watched families change, children grow, and endless sunsets on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. If it’s tradition you want and amazing seafood, Sea-N-Suds is the place for you! 



Phone Number

(251) 948-7894