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Tacky Jack's - Orange Beach


The original Tacky Jacks has evolved over the years from its humble beginning in the 1970’s, well before the city of Orange Beach was even established. At the time the area was a small fishing community with few full time residents. Just off Marina Road sat a business that consisted of a small marina that supplied fuel and fishing tackle for fishermen coming to the area. Its location with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico made it a perfect spot for a small bar and grill to relax and visit after a great day on the gulf, thus in 1979 Tacky Jacks Grill & Tavern was established. In 1987 George Skipper, an already successful businessman, purchased Tacky Jacks and gave it the love and improvements that make it the successful and fun dining establishment it is today. 

Our home in Orange Beach continues to grow as a popular vacation destination - and so has Tacky Jacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available everyday at Tacky Jacks along a view to make each visit a great experience. They offer wonderful, casual dining for the whole family with the emphasis on FUN. The Tacky Jacks brand stands for quality, value, family and community.

Phone Number

(251) 981-4144