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Preparing For Your Trip: Where To Eat For Lunch


Welcome back to Preparing For Your Trip! If you missed our last segment, make sure you read up on Preparing For Your Trip: What To Do While You're Here.   

This week we're covering everyone's favorite topic; Where to eat for lunch...  
If you’ve done any amount of research you already know that Cobalt, Shipp’s Harbor Grill, Fisher’s and Cosmos are the best places to eat. That is TOTALLY true (and we think those locations should be a MUST on your dinner intinerary) but we have covered those bases many times before and this time we have some out of the box ideas for you in case you were trying a different angle at this whole vacation thing. 

1. Liquid Life Cafe

Come enjoy a delicious smoothie bowl, salad or panini at our very own Liquid Life Cafe. Sit back and relax on the couch, pick a book to emerse yourself in or ulitlize the free wifi while you indulge in a delicious meal finished off with a great, locally roasted cup of joe. 


2. Doc’s Seafood Shack 

Do yourself a favor and experience a true local favorite. Doc’s is the definition of Soul Food on the island. The daily lunch specials are the best. Many prefer the Orange Beach location for the nostalgia effect, but there is a location in Gulf Shores too.  

3. Bahama Bob's

If you're staying in Gulf Shores (or even if you're not) Bahama Bob's is nestled on the sand of the beautiful sugar sand beaches just west of The Hangout and just a short walk from many condos in Gulf Shores. It's worth the drive even if you can't walk for a delicious cheeseburger with a view. 

4. Sea N Suds  

Located on the beach in Gulf Shores, a dive like Sea N Suds is few and far between. You won’t get views like this at The Hangout.. Sea N Suds has been around for 40 years and is one of the oldest restaurants in Gulf Shores. Serving up a delicious cheeseburger, fish sandwich and other classic seafood fare.  

5. The Gulf

You've been at the beach all day and you're wondering where you can get some good food and great service in a cover up and sandy flip flops... Think no more! The Gulf is the perfect place for grabbing a delicious cheeseburger in paradise, refreshing drinks and fun for the whole family. The Gulf is located on a sandy corner of the most beautiful section of our beach, Perdido Pass. Watch the boats sail by, sink your toes in the sand and get some more sun while you enjoy an amazing lunch at Orange Beach's most popular hangout. 


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Published by Shelby Berry
Wednesday, February 17, 2016