Your Family Deserves a Truly Clean Condo


Before Covid-19, you may not have spent a lot of time thinking about the cleaning process used to clean and prepare your vacation rental condo. At Clean Condo, we’ve been working on that for years. In fact, we’ve been exceeding EPA standards since we opened our business. And now, when cleanliness equals protection, we’re doing even more to ensure that your family and your guests are protected and cared for by real professionals.

Your family deserves the peace of mind that comes with a truly Clean Condo. In our quest to always provide the very best for you and your guests, we constantly evaluate and update our processes and procedures as well as which chemicals we use, how we handle towels and bed linens, and how we respond to every need you might have.

Protecting your family and your guests is our mission.

Clean Condo utilizes EPA approved chemicals to clean and disinfect your condo after every visit so you can rest assured that everything is perfectly disinfected. 

Clean Condo follows specialized processes and procedures to contain soiled linens on their way out of your unit and to protect clean linens on their way into your unit to ensure there is zero cross contamination.

Clean Condo utilizes commercial washers that operate at higher temperatures to kill any germs while also reducing wear and tear on your in-unit appliances.

Clean Condo has a team of professional inspectors who follow our cleaning teams to ensure that every room is clean and ready for your family and your guests to enjoy safely.

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